RV Storage Ideas | Best Space Saving Tips for Moving into an RV

Tiny spaces are becoming very popular. RVs provide a double benefit to tiny living with the ability to travel at any given time.   Whether you are planning on using an RV as a vacation home on the lake or planning on seeing the USA, check out these space-saving tips from Imperial Moving and Storage NYC to make your home on wheels ready to roll.

1. Purge Before You Move-In

If you’re contemplating living full-time in your RV, then it’s time to think about downsizing your belongings. As with any move, Imperial suggests getting rid of things before you move-in. Since space is especially limited in an RV, take only what you need on the road. Sell or donate unwanted or unused belongings, then rent a storage unit for items you can’t take with you, but might want for a future home, like furniture, china, and heirlooms.

2. Kitchen Space Savers

Spice Gripper Clips – These plastic strips have bonding tape that sticks to inside cabinet doors, refrigerators, walls or any bare spot. They hold 4 to 5 standard spice containers with grippers, so your spices are secure and easily found.

Curtain Tension Rods – Cabinet space is always quickly filled. Get creative and place curtain tension rods vertically to hold skillets, pan lids, dishes and other items inside your cabinets.

Over-the-door Trash Container – Floor space is essential when living in tight quarters. Take that trash container and mount it inside a closet or cabinet to keep it from taking up space.

3. Bathroom Space Savers

Mounted Shampoo and Soap Dispensers – Fill these up with shampoo and soap and never worry about storing large bottles.

Towel Holders – We learned this one from our NYC apartment movers. Use a hanging shoe caddy to store bulky towels. Simply roll them up and place in the compartments. Keep them in your clothes closet and remove as needed for the bath.

4. Living Area/Bedroom Space Savers

Caddy Night Stand – Caddy nightstands come in a variety of materials and organizational pockets. Some have large lips to hang over furniture or to tuck under a mattress. This can eliminate the need for an extra piece of storage furniture.

Velcro Remotes – Use Velcro strips to keep track of the remotes. Place one strip on the back of the remote and another on a designated spot. There will be no worries about where they were placed.

5. Any Room Space Savers

Mounted Broom Holders for Flashlights – Whether you keep your flashlights in a closet or next to your bed, use a mounted broom holder to snap in your flashlight. They will be safe from rolling around or being misplaced.

Peel and Stick Cord Organizers – Small spaces can be dangerous for hanging cords. Whether it is a coffee maker, laptop or generator, make sure those cords are secured against a wall and away from moving feet.

Suction Cup HooksHooks can be invaluable when you need a place to hang an item. Keep a good supply of different sizes on hand and never make another nail hole.

Collapsible Laundry Basket – When all of your clean clothes have been put away, where can you store that huge laundry basket? Purchase a pop and load laundry basket that collapses to a mere 3 inches in depth.

When living small, it pays to get creative with your storage solutions. The more time you spend planning and preparing for RV life, the happier you’ll be with your new living arrangements.


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